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Working Papers

Working Papers / Student Working Papers
To get a copy of the working papers click here
<>. Please follow
the directions on how to complete the paperwork.

1.     Sections A, B, and C must be completed and signed.
a.     The student completes Section A
b.     The employer completes Section B
c.     The doctor completes Section C. The doctor must sign it and provide
a stamp address.
2. The student must sign on the bottom right, Section F, "Signature of
3. If you are a JCPS student, we will need to know what school the student
attends and the grade completed in June 2021 so I may complete the school
4. Scan and email the working papers along with the student's social
security card and birth certificate to [email protected].
 she will complete the school and issuing officer sections and email them
back to you.