Financial Aid Presentation


HESAA is your premier source for State grants, scholarships, and loan opportunities. Please keep in mind that our publications are easily accessible online, including our Student Loan Guide.  In compliance with N.J.S.A. 18A:71A-35, please take a look at this link which goes over the student loan guidelines:








Student Loan Guide


 Earlier this year, all seniors received a copy of New Jersey's college resource guide, Going to College in New Jersey. Each NJ college and university is profiled and the guide includes a degree directory to help students align their career goals with their college selection. While it is updated as of the time of printing, costs and degree options should always be confirmed with each institution to confirm accuracy for your senior class. This college resource guide is also available online:


Because planning for college is so important, HESAA also developed a guide for younger students who aspire to attend college. This booklet, entitled Reach Higher, is also available online: